Are you Looking For Chinese New Year Cookies?

The Chinese New Year will fall on February 5, 2019!  There are many preparations to be taken care of before Chinese New Year’s arrival. Some of the tasks include spring cleaning, red-packet preparation, and not forgetting to shop for  Chinese New Year Cookies and Goodies. This post will guide you to some of the Chinese New Year Goodies you can get from our store which are tasty, yummy, and affordable!

1)  Hae Bee Hiam Prawn Roll

With a generous amount of Hae Bee Hiam in each prawn roll, this is one of the best Hae Bee Hiam rolls in Singapore. Many customers come back to get refills even before the Chinese New Year!

2)  Yam Peanut Butter Kapet Egg Roll

This is a combination of fragrance from the yam egg roll and crunchiness of savoury peanut butter. This is one of the best sellers in our shop because of the enticing combination of these two ingredients.

3)  Almond Crispy Cookies

Our Crunchy Almond cookie is served with a generous  helping of almonds and baked with less oil. We are confident that once you start eating them, you won’t stop!

4)  Kueh Bangkit  Cookies

This  Kueh Bangkit will melt instantly in your mouth with a light touch of coconut in your mouth. This is one of our flagships products and we preserve the traditional method of making them.

5)  Sambal Chili Egg Roll

What is the taste you can expect to get when combining sambal with an egg roll?  HEAVENLY! Our customers come back for more, every year, and recommend us to their friends! If you have not tried our egg rolls before, it’s a must for this Chinese New Year 2019!

6)  Melting Almond Cookies

These cookies will melt immediately once they are inside your mouth.   Our salty savoury cookies  are filled  with generous servings of almond bits

7)  Golden Sushi Egg Roll Kapet

This is the top favourite Chinese New Year Goody for the kids! With a mixture of savoury from the seaweed and sweetness from the egg roll makes this a perfect combination. It’s hard to resist this addictive snack!

8)  Premium Traditional Pineapple Tart

Our tart  is filled  with generous amounts of handmade low sugar  fibrous pineapple that will leave you wanting more! Our  tart  is baked  in just the right amount of time to  ensure  every bite has the same crunch to it. This is also one of our flagship products for our company.

9)  Black and White Sesame Egg Roll

There are only 3 words to describe this Egg Roll:  fragrant, crunchy, and flaky. Another flagship product for us and we are confident that no one makes them better than we do!

Please take your time and look at our other Chinese New Year cookies on our shop page. We also have vegetarian cookies options available for sale! Thanks for reading our post! Check out our Facebook for more update! Happy Chinese New Year!!

Chinese New Year Cookies
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